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Matthew Stafford Gets Some Golfing Tips From Bubba Watson

The Stadion Classic golf tournament at the University of Georgia is currently taking place, and former Bulldog and your current Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was at the course's driving range hitting some balls on Monday. In between swings, he received some tips from PGA golfer and UGA alumni Bubba Watson. I'm not exactly sure what it is Watson told Stafford, but I'm guessing it was something along the lines of, 'it's all in the hips.' 

Stafford probably didn't hit it over any highways, but he can swing it and, more importantly for Lions fans, his shoulder must be close, if not at, 100-percent.  Just easin' the tension, baby. 

Here's video courtesy of Pride of Detroit:


There's another video from the Stadion Classic of Stafford talking about his offseason preparation for a potential 2011 season. He mentions working out with Calvin Johnson, who has also spent time in Atlanta, and getting into shape for whenever the lockout is lifted. Stafford tweeted recently that the team is "rounding up the troops" and going to start working out together in Detroit sometime next week.