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Lions Training Camp Schedule 2011: Practice Starts Friday

With the NFL lockout officially coming to an end, there is little time to waste before training camps around the league begin. On Wednesday, for example, 10 teams will open camp. On Thursday, 10 more teams, including the Detroit Lions, will get camp started.

Although camp technically opens for the Lions on Thursday, the first on-field practice won't be until Friday, according to Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. He tweeted this on Monday afternoon:

Back to work ... finally. Can't wait to get started with our players on Thursday with first practice on Friday.

When players report to the Lions' facility in Allen Park, they will go through physicals and meet with coaches for the first time since before the NFL lockout began in March. Players can actually report as early as Tuesday morning. There won't be any practices until later in the week, but they can start getting reacclimated to football and the Lions on Tuesday.