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Detroit Lions Agree To Deals With 5 More Undrafted Free Agents

Despite undrafted free agents not being able to sign with NFL teams until Tuesday morning, there was a flurry of activity on Monday night. Every other minute an undrafted free agent seemingly agreed to a deal with a team, and at least six players agreed to a deal with the Detroit Lions.

The first piece of Lions news that came out involved Alabama tight end Preston Dial, who said on Twitter he agreed to head to Detroit. As the night went on news came out about five more undrafted free agents that agreed to deals with the Lions. They are listed below.

There was also a report that stated a cornerback named Matt Kessler from Binghamton University agreed to a deal with the Lions. The report seemed odd considering Binghamton doesn't have a football program, and it turned out that the news was fake.

This means only six players are known to have agreed to a deal with the Lions so far -- the five listed above and Dial. Of course, nothing is official until the deals are signed on Tuesday, but unlike college football recruiting, I wouldn't expect any decommitments from the undrafted free agents.