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Undrafted Free Agents: Lions Sign 18 Players (UPDATED)

The Detroit Lions released their list of undrafted free agent signings on Thursday night. The list includes 14 players, nine of which we already knew had agreed to deals with the Lions. There are five players that weren't previously reported as being headed to the Lions. Also, one player that was supposed to have signed, Keith Smith, is not on the list. He was tweeting about getting ready to practice, but he has not signed with the team (perhaps because he failed a physical).

Here is the full list:

  • WR Marcus Harris (Murray State)
  • WR Jared Jenkins (Wisconsin-Stevens Point)
  • WR Dominique Barnes (Youngstown State)
  • TE Preston Dial (Alabama)
  • OG Pat Illig (Wofford)
  • OG Jeff Maddux (Central Michigan)
  • DE Narada Williams (Fort Valley State)
  • LB Quentin Davie (Northwestern)
  • LB Cobrani Mixon (Kent State)
  • LB DeJuan Fulghum (Texas Southern)
  • LB Daunte Akra (Wayne State)
  • CB Branden Bufford (Howard)
  • S Ricardo Silva (Hampton)
  • P Ryan Donahue (Iowa)

UPDATE: The Lions announced four more undrafted free agent signings on Friday: WR Demario Ballard (Western Oregon), CB Marquise Liverpool (Temple), CB Jamal Robinson (Houston) and CB Brandon Stephens (Miami OH).

UPDATE II: Liverpool was released on Saturday.