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Lions Draft Picks 2011: Nick Fairley Agrees To Deal

With almost 12 hours left to spare before the first practice of training camp, the Detroit Lions have taken care of their deals with all five of this year's draft picks. Nick Fairley was the last draft pick to agree to a deal, and he did so on Thursday night.

Fairley's deal is four years long and is worth $10 million. All of it is guaranteed, and the contract also includes a signing bonus of $5.7 million

Under the new rookie wage system, Fairley's deal gives the Lions a fifth-year option. If they exercise the option (has to be after the third year of the deal), Fairley will return for a fifth year with a salary that is based on the average of the deals for the No. 3 through No. 25 players at defensive tackle.

Fairley was very happy to get his deal done before he missed anything. He tweeted, "Thank GOD, Family and Fans! I'm officially a Lion! Time to get to work!"