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Detroit Lions Planning To Release Jordon Dizon

At 4 p.m. on Thursday NFL teams were allowed to start releasing their players. The Detroit Lions have either not yet made any moves or have not yet announced them, but both wide receiver Bryant Johnson and linebacker Jordon Dizon are set to be cut by the team. We found out about Johnson's time being up in Detroit earlier in the week, and Jason La Canfora broke the news about Dizon on Thursday.

Dizon being let go doesn't come as much of a surprise. At the beginning of this offseason Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said it was unlikely Dizon would be back, and it looks as though he is sticking with his decision to let him go.

Dizon seemed to be improving last preseason, but that was before he suffered a serious knee injury. It kept him out all last year, and the Lions have decided to simply let him go rather than see if he can come back from the injury.

As of right now Johnson and Dizon are the only two Lions players expected to be cut.