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Detroit Lions Rumors: Eric Wright Agrees To Deal

Nothing is confirmed right now, but rumors are swirling about cornerback Eric Wright agreeing to a deal with the Detroit Lions. All day Thursday the hope was for the Lions to make a run and eventually get a deal worked out with Johnathan Joseph, but he landed in Houston with the Texans. The Lions' backup plan appears to be to add Wright to the roster.

The first sign of Wright heading to Detroit came from former Lion Gerald Alexander, who tweeted this:

My Dogg Eric Wright bout to ball up there in Detroit. Wit that DLine too. Expect a big year from him

A few minutes earlier Wright tweeted the following:

Long process but we got it done.. Much love to the supporters.. Locked n loaded.. Lets gooooo!!

Wright is now tweeting about Detroit, and his Twitter avatar is a picture of him wearing a Lions hat, so I think it's safe to say this deal is done.