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Guess The Total Face Value Of A Large Pile Of Lions Tickets

Can you guess the total face value of the Detroit Lions tickets piled up in the picture below? Darren Rovell, CNBC's Sports Business Guy, posed the question to his 100,000-plus Twitter followers, offering a box set of football cards to the person who responded with the closest guess.

Assuming you didn't already see the answer on Rovell's Twitter account or see the answer below after the jump, I'll let you sit for a moment and stare at the picture, simultaneously wondering exactly why Darren Rovell has a large pile of Lions tickets. Then, after the jump, give us your best guests in the comments. Or don't and just continue reading for the answer.


Think we got a great game going. Winner of guess the face value of the Lions tickets is @ChicagoSportsJD. Value is $96,800. Guess was $97K.

I saw this when Rovell first tweeted it out and my initial thought was honestly, "there has to be $100,000 worth of tickets there," along with "how the hell does Rovell have $100,000 worth of Lions' tickets in his possession so he's able to twitpic them?" Unfortunately, I didn't have time to tweet in my guess, despite being so close to my first box of football cards since I was in the 4th grade. I'll get 'em next time, especially to help prevent some ChicagoSportsJD get 'em.