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Zack Follett Done With Lions, Likely Football As Well

Linebacker Zack Follett, who suffered a serious neck injury last season, is apparently done playing football for the Lions, and it sounds like he may be done playing football in general.

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After the first few practices during Detroit Lions training camp, one of the players generating some buzz for his solid play on the field was linebacker Zack Follett. Despite suffering a serious neck injury last season and not even being sure if he would ever set foot on the field again, Follett made it back, was cleared by doctors to practice and was doing quite well.

Follett missed practice on Tuesday, but the early word was it was a scheduled day off. It doesn't look like that was actually the case, though. Follett tweeted on Tuesday night that he is done with the Lions, and it sounds like he is also done with football.

Respect to Schwartz Mayhew Lewand didnt want to risk a life threatening injury after seeing my pain, Someone had to make the tough decision!

Much as I fought to give it a go just wasnt in His plan. No longer a Lion. God has me filled with plenty of Joy Thanks!

Follett sent out another tweet saying that his neck was on fire and he couldn't compete in hitting drills any longer. He went on to say that a decision had to be made, and it looks like that decision was for Follett to stop playing football, at least for the Lions.

If this is indeed the end for Follett, I want to thank him for all he's done in his two years as a Lion. He is an entertaining player on and off the field, and in general he is a good guy. It's too bad this injury happened, but his long-term health is more important than playing football.