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Lions Sell Out Week 5 Monday Night Football Game In Less Than An Hour

Individual game tickets went on sale this morning and the Lions sold out their Week 5 Monday Night game against the Bears in less than an hour. Remaining individual game tickets are going fast!

The Lions began selling single game tickets this morning at Ford Field and in less than an hour they sold out their Week 5 MNF game on October 10 vs. the Chicago Bears. This comes less than a day after they sold out a preseason game.

"People are voting with their pocket books and making an investment in us," Lewand said. "And that is an investment we have to honor and respect. It is up to us now to deliver a return on that investment."

The rest of the individual game tickets are moving fast, including the Thanksgiving Day game vs. the Green Bay Packers, which apparently only has a few tickets left.

Hooray! Blackouts in Michigan are unlikely this season and the Lions organization is beginning to reap the rewards of putting together a legitimate football team.

2011 really feels like the year the Lions are, maybe, (gulp) a playoff contender, doesn't it?