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Ndamukong Suh Says 'It's All About Fear' This Year

In an interview with CBS' on-field reporter Lesley Visser during the Lions/Patriots game on Saturday night, Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh sent a message to the rest of the league. It reads:

"We wanted to earn respect last year. I felt we did that ... And now it’s with fear, it’s all about fear."

Visser remarked that she was terrified of Suh just from standing next to him, interviewing him. Imagine how the Pats (and their fans) felt about seeing their MVP quarterback Tom Brady getting tossed around by Suh and the rest of the Lions' defensive line on Saturday night. Fear would probably be a good way to describe it.


Opposing teams and their quarterbacks are surely taking notes of what the Lions did at the end of last year and are doing thus far this preseason. And, If they're smart, they're packing some extra clean pairs of pants before their game with the Lions, too.