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NFL Roster Cuts: Detroit Lions To Release 10 Players By Tuesday

The first round of NFL roster cuts requires teams to be down to 80 players by Tuesday afternoon. Later in the week teams will shrink their roster down to 53 players.

The first round of NFL roster cuts has arrived. Over the course of the next day, teams from around the league will cut down their rosters to 80 players. Currently rosters are allowed to have as many as 90 players, but teams have to be down to 80 guys by 4 p.m. on Tuesday (Aug. 30).

The second and final round of roster cuts will take place after the preseason ends later this week. Teams will have to go from 80 to 53 players during the final round of cuts, which will primarily happen on Saturday (Sept. 3).

In a normal NFL offseason, teams would be forced to get down to 75 players by Tuesday afternoon. Usually teams would only have 80 players to begin with, though. This year, because of the lockout, the NFL expanded training camp rosters to 90 players. The league also made it so the first set of cuts includes only 10 players from each team.

The Detroit Lions announced their first set of cuts a day before the deadline last year, so it's possible news of who has been released could start trickling out on Monday.