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NFL Cuts: Jerome Felton Released By Detroit Lions

Continuing to work to get down to 80 players by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, the Detroit Lions released fullback Jerome Felton. Felton joins the eight players who were released by the Lions on Monday as guys now looking for a new team. (Dave Rayner, one of the players released, may have already found a job with the Dallas Cowboys.)

Felton was drafted by the Lions back in 2008 as a fifth-round pick. He ended up appearing in all but six games during the last three seasons, and he made a total of 16 starts. Still, he wasn't thrilled with his production because he didn't feel the Lions were giving him enough of an opportunity.

Because he was a restricted free agent, Felton ultimately re-signed with the Lions despite his concerns about how he wanted to be used more. After being released on Tuesday, he will now get a chance to go to another team, which seemed to be what he was hoping for after last season.

There's no question Felton is a good fullback, but the reason the Lions made this move is because tight end Will Heller has showed he can line up in the backfield. That versatility allowed the Lions to part ways with Felton, and it could also allow them to keep an extra running back or perhaps an extra tight end.