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Week 3 NFL Odds: Lions At Vikings

The NFL odds are set for the Week 3 slate of games, and history has been made with the release of the line for the Lions-Vikings game. The Lions are favored by either three and a half or four points to beat the Vikings, and this marks the first time in 30 years that the Lions are favored to beat the Vikings in Minnesota, according to RJ Bell.

The last time the Lions actually did win a game against the Vikings in Minnesota was back in 1997. They have lost every game since then, not only because most of the Lions teams have been mediocre, but also because the Metrodome has proved to be a very tough place to play for road teams.

While playing on the road against the Vikings isn't easy, it's pretty remarkable that the Lions went 30 years between being favorites in Minnesota. Perhaps more remarkable is that the last time they were named favorites in Minnesota was exactly 30 years ago (Week 3 in 1981).

The Lions ended up losing that game in 1981 by two points. Hopefully on Sunday the oddsmakers will be right and the Lions will in fact be victorious.

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