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2011 Fantasy Football Team Names

Need a fantasy football team name for 2011? There's a good chance it's on this list.

stafford tough
stafford tough

Everyone knows the key to success in fantasy football is in the team name. If you don't have a quality fantasy football team name, it does not matter if you have Philip Rivers, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, and Calvin Johnson as your core five -- you will lose.

Keeping that in mind, for the past few years around this time I've put together a list of fantasy football team names that I've either stumbled across on the internet, created myself, or was given by friends. I know most fantasy football drafts have already occurred, but it's never too late to alter your team settings to better reflect your roster and put your squad into serious contention.

I've broken the list down by each team with a general silliness category to kick things off.  If you find that this list doesn't have an adequate team name to your liking, please leave your choice in the comments. (Disclaimer: Some of these team names are not appropriate for young and/or sensitive eyes/ears and I certainly do not endorse all of these as winners).

Choose wisely.

General Silliness:

Victorious Secret
Bloodbath and Beyond
No Punt Intended
Show Us Your TD's
Off in Church (because no one beats off in church)
Off in Shower (so if you lose your league scoreboard will say, "Team A beats Off in Shower")
Armchair Quarterbacks
I Touchdown There
Sofa King Good (or Bad) 
Rosa Parks In The Shotgun
My Couch Pulls Out, But I don't 
Fourth Down Syndrome
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 
Urine Trouble
The Dennis System

Minnesota Vikings:

The Schisms
Favre From Retiring
40-Year Old Viking
Ponder With My Peterson
The Good Adrian Peterson
Bros Before Shiancoes
Boats And Shiancoes
Blues Kluwes
Percy Whipped
Oh, Have Percy!
Berrian The Hatchet

Chicago Bears:

I Can't Believe It's Not Cutler
Offense Is (Not) Our Forte
Cutler's Blood Sugar
Sacks To Be Cutler
Drinking Forte's 
Edward Forte Hands
Forte Year Old Virgin
Forte MPH
Cash for Cutler's
Urlocker's Smelly
Marion's Barber Shop
Have Bush? Get Barber!
Red Hot Julius Peppers
Put My Ditka In Her Butkus

Green Bay Packers:

Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood
Rodgers That
Driver's Seat
Lambeau Bleeps
I See Starks
Super Mustachio Champs
Frozen Fromunda Cheese

Detroit Lions:

My Gym Schwartz Are Dirty
MAY the Schwartz be with HEW
Built StafFORD Tough (see pic)
Stafford Infection
Staffordable QB
StafFord Field
Preseason Champs
Suhper Bowl Champs
Backus to the Future
You Pet it, It Grew
The Jersey Leshoure
Gourmet Scheffler
Fairley Suhperfluous
On Like Ndamukong
Shaun Of The Hill

Dallas Cowboys:

Romosexual Tendencies
Romo's Smitten for Witten
Romo Witten His Pants 
I Love Witten, No Romo
The Romo Sapiens
Dezzy Does Dallas
Tashard By An Angel
Cowboys and Arians

New York Giants:

The Playbook of Eli
2 Mannings 1 Cup
Eli Manning-ham
Green Eggs and Manningham
Coughlin up blood
Sinorice Likes Licorice

Philadelphia Eagles:

Kibbles and Vicks
Vick In A Box
The ConVicks
Hide Your Beagle, Vick is an Eagle
The City of Doggy Love
Maclin On Your Girl
Vick Will McNabb Your Position
The Celek Few
Vince Young And The Restless
Back That Asomugha Up

Washington Redskins:

Rex and the City
Shanahan's Tanorexic Offense
Cooley's Weiner
Hightowered Offense
Torrainasaurus Rex
You Had Me At Helu
Donte Drink and Drive
Zorn Stash

New Orleans Saints:

Brees Nuts
Easy, Brees, Beautiful, Cover Girl
Breesy Like Sunday Morning
Ingram Toenails
Tootsie Sproles

Atlanta Falcons:

Matt Ryan's Belt
Matty Ice And Easy
Raging Falcoholics
The Fast and the Jerious
Michael Turn The Corner
Score The TD's Then Turner Over
Jacquizzed In My Pants
Chris Redman Chewing Tobacco

Tampa Bay Bucaneers:

Josh Farewell
Rolling A Blount
Blount Force Trauma
Arreliousted Development
The Importance Of Being Earnest Graham
HBO's Jeremy Trueblood
I Beg To Dilfer

Carolina Panthers:

Tonsil Shockey
Shockey & Awe
DeAngelo Snack Packs
I'm Shockey, They Won't Let Newton Get Tattoos
Fig Newton
Elite Naanee Services

San Francisco 49ers:

A Partridge In A Crabtree
Crabtrees Shack
Big Gores Don't Cry
Rated R For Gore
Singletary Can't Do It, Won't do it
Lapati Like It's Your Birthday
Harbaugh's Comeback

Seattle Seahawks:

Marshawny Grill
Tavar-is Backup
Forsett In The End Zone
Golden Tate Bridge
(Sidney) Rice and (Aaron) Curry
Unger Strike

St. Louis Rams:

Bad Case Of Laurinaitis
Amendola Dolla Bills Y'All
Why So Jerious?
Medulla Amendola
Danario Scenario
Him? Ah You.
A.J. Feeley The Bulger In My Pants

Arizona Cardinals:

Giving Defenses Fitz
Corn on the Kolb
Peach Kolbler
A Heap of Defense
Rice And Beanies
Pop, Lock, And Docket
Dropping a Doucet

Cincinnati Bengals:

Andy Dalton Has Feelings Too
I Am Serious, And Don't Call Me Shipley
Benson Prison
Livings Hall
Palmer Wasn't Retired Last Year?
Vaginal Huber-is
The Bungholes

Pittsburgh Steelers:

I like Hines 57 on my Roethlisberger
Ben Rapelisberger
Ben Roethlisrapers 
Dennis Dixon your face
Charlie Biatch
Itch my Cotchery
Mendenhally Retarded
Tittsburgh Feelers

Baltimore Ravens:

Flacco Seagulls
2 Inches Flacco, 4 Inches Huard
Pork Fried Ray Rice
Rice And Beanies
Hunter Pretty Well
Torrey Smith's Earthquake Composure
The Boldin The Beautiful
Hakuna Ngata
How Do You McAdoo?

Cleveland Browns:

Chainsaw Massaquoi
The Hillis Have Eyes
What You Talkin' 'Bout, Hillis?
Bring Back The McCribbs Sandwich
Yellow Polka Dot Mangini
Greg Little Urban Achievers

Tennessee Titans:

Bringing Hasselback
My My My Myyy Bironas
Hasselback Mountain
I Ain't No Hasselback Girl
Too Legit To Britt
(We Don't Need You To Lose Weight) Just Need To Titan Up

Houston Texans:

Ogunleye's Conjunctivitis
Cowboys and Arians
Arian Foster The People
Foster ... Arian For Beer
Arian's Twitpics
The ArianBrothaHood
Charles Schaub
Corn on the Schaub
Count Schaubula
Armed Schaubbery
Andre the Giant Johnson
Ward Of The Fly Patterns
Nice Rackers

Indianapolis Colts:

Manning the Offense
Make It Wayne
To Addai For
Addai Another Day
Live Free And Addai Hard
The Blair White Project
Dungy's and Dragons

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Scobee Snacks
The Nancy Jones-Drew Mysteries
What Would Jones-Drew
Don't Let Your Garrard Down
A Bunch of Cox on Defense
Deji Karim In My Pants, Pants, Pants.

Miami Dolphins:

Chad Hennington
Henne, I Shrunk The Kids
Henne Given Sunday
Henne-lick Maneuver
OMG, They Killed Henne!
Forgetting Brandon Marshall
No Marshall On This Flight
15 Items Or Bess
Reggie's Bush

New England Patriots:

Bill Belichick's Rental Videos
Belichick Yo'self
Brady Needs A Welker 
No Moss, No Moss
BenJarvus Green-Ellis Law Firm
Chad Ocho Stink Hole
Ocho Cinco My Battleship
Wilfork for Food
The Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Deion Branch
A Maroney Sandwich

Buffalo Bills:

Zach and Merriman Make a Porno
The Book Of Moorman
Angry Byrds
The Billievers
Circle The Wagons

New York Jets:

Burressted Development
Plaxidental Shooting
Dirty Sanchez
Shonneshank Redemption
Copped A Feely
Rex Ryan's DeFEET
Scattered LT-Storms
Santonio's Foreclosed Holmes
Cromartie's 3-Year-Olds
Antonio Cromartie Is My Dad

Kansas City Chiefs:

Double Dwayne Bowe, All The Way
White Cassel
Somewhere over the Dwayne Bowe
Taste The Dwayne Bowe
Take a Bowe
Sand Cassel
Jamaal Charles In Charge
Don't Fuccop Succop
Breaston Plants
Breaston Peace
Breaston The Business
McCluster Fu*k

Oakland Raiders:

Pryor Offenses
Pryor And The Wonderlic 7
Jason Campbell's Chunky Soup
Boller Movement

San Diego Chargers:

The Gates is Open
Gates Screwed Me, Gates Screwed Me Real Hard
Just Kaeding
Mystic Rivers
The Big Dombrowski

Denver Broncos:

Orton (hears a) Who?
Orton Hears A Boo
McGahee and Me
Willis McGayhee
Tebows Before Hoes
Tebow's Youth Group
Our Brady is Hotter than Your Brady
Travis Henry Is Still My Dad

Again, this is by no means an exhaustive list, so please leave any others you like in the comments below (photoshop via @MickeyVee).