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Lions Vs. Packers Score Update: Detroit Leads 9-0 3 Minutes Into First Quarter

The Detroit Lions, going for their first win at Lambeau Field in 20 years, had a 9-0 lead just 3:01 into the game.

The Packers started with the ball and completed a 17 yard pass on first down, but Matt Flynn -- starting in place of Aaron Rodgers today -- fumbled on third down of the next set of downs and it was recovered by the Lions' Stephen Tulloch.

Starting well within Packers' territory, the Lions went into a no huddle offense and scored four plays in on an eight yard pass from Matthew Stafford to Titus Young. The throw was a perfect pass to Young's back shoulder, similar to the kind of passes that have made Rodgers so lethal for the Packers.

On the ensuing kickoff, Packers' return man Pat Lee (who was ejected from the Thanksgiving game for throwing a punch), misplayed the kick, allowing it to hit his knee and bounce past the plane. Instead of picking it up and running with it as he had to do since it crossed the goal line, Lee picked it up, took it back into the end zone and went to a knee. Yes, that's a safety.

Here's video:

The Lions went three-and-out on their free possession and the Packers are about to get the ball back down 9-0.

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