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Lions Vs. Packers Score Update: Green Bay Up On Detroit At Half, 24-19

This picture just about sums up what felt like the longest half ever:


The Lions aren't only struggling with the Matt Flynn led Packers, but they are also having some problems with the referees. Jim Schwartz lost his challenges after he had to challenge two plays that he should not have had to challenge and it ultimately cost the Lions points.

On the second challenge (of a Stefan Logan fumble after he was down), the bad call on the field mixed with terrible camera angles resulted in the call standing and Schwartz losing the challenge (thus, the Lions losing the ball).

The Lions intercepted a Flynn pass to make up for the turnover; however, a Titus Young touchdown was called incomplete and, because the Lions did not have any challenges left, there was nothing Schwartz could do but what he's doing in the above image. Replays showed that Young made a miraculous catch and the Lions ultimately had to settle for a field goal.

The Lions trail 24-19 at the half, and it should be 24-23, but the Lions have shot themselves in the foot a few times on their own, including breakdowns on defense, a dropped pass inside the Packers' 10 by Calvin Johnson, and a missed field goal. The refs aren't helping matters, but the Lions are having their own problems with the Packers, who are playing without a handful of their better players.

Stafford is 16-of-29 for 199 yards and two touchdowns. Flynn has 280 yards, three touchdowns and an interception for the Packers.

The Lions will start with the ball in the second half.

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