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Detroit Lions Extend Contracts Of All Three Coordinators

The Detroit Lions made the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, and looked really good doing it. Despite a loss in the Wild Card round, confidence has to be riding at an all-time high. While the organization is now going to focus on the contracts of Cliff Avril and Calvin Johnson, some other moves were made very recently that show the team's dedication to continuing their winning ways.

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and special teams coordinator Danny Crossman all received contract extensions, according to general manager Martin Mayhew. All three coordinators did a great job in making sure the team was prepared for every situation. There were never really points in which the Lions were completely blind-sided and helpless this past season, a big difference in comparison to season's past.

Though they did lose games, they were still generally in them. Cunningham's defense was good at getting to the quarterback and forcing offenses off of the field. The special teams was vastly improved, while the offense improved in leaps and bounds. Despite a myriad of injuries at running back, quarterback Matthew Stafford had a career year and established the Lions as a truly high-flying offense, not quite on par with but in the company of teams like the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.

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