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2012 NFL Draft Order: Lions' Status Up In The Air

The Lions will pick somewhere between 21 and 32 in the 2012 NFL Draft since they are in the playoffs.

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The first 20 picks in the 2012 NFL Draft are now set with the end of the regular season, but the final 12 will have to wait as the results of the playoffs sort themselves out. That means the Detroit Lions will be picking in the 20s for the first time since 2009, when they took Brandon Pettigrew 20th overall.

Detroit can pick anywhere from 21st to 32nd depending on how well they do in the postseason. As it stands now, SB Nation projects the Lions picking in the No. 23 spot, as a first-round playoff loss would have them in the 21-24 slots, with the Bengals and Broncos being slotted ahead of Detroit if they lose based on regular season records. In that spot, the first mock draft has been published:

23. Detroit Lions, Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

Now that the Lions have an elite offense, they need to start thinking about getting a more permanent solution to their offensive line. Adams gives them an anchor player for outside, either side, of the unit. He also beefs up the running game.

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