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NFL Draft 2012: Offensive Line Pick Could Be Center Peter Konz

The 23rd pick in the draft for the Detroit Lions has led to a lot of different guesses as to not just what player would wind up on the Lions come draft day but also which positions they would target. Down in the boonies of the first round like there's fewer 'gotta have' talents like Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck available.

The mock draft community has appeared to settle on several different ideas ranging from linebackers like Zach Brown to cornerbacks like Alfonzo Dennard, but offensive line picks and general back seven defensive picks have been the most popular.

Most offensive line picks have been of the LT variety, but Walterfootball has the Lions taking C Peter Konz from Wisconsin in his latest mock draft, reminding us that the center position might be as perilous as the left tackle position currently is in Detroit:

Dominic Raiola turned 33 recently. For his birthday present, he can see me mock a center to the Lions. No hard feelings, Dominic.

The left tackle position needs to be fixed, but Raiola has to be upgraded as well. He's an ineffective center owed close to $4 million next year.

There's no telling what position the Lions will draft, but there's certainly going to be no shortage of good ideas.

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