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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions Add Kelechi Osemele At 23

The Detroit Lions are getting quite a few different players mocked to them with their 23rd overall selection, with offensive linemen being one of the more popular choices. There are linebackers and defensive backs included in the mix as well but Detroit needs an elite offensive line in order to move themselves from a playoff team into a championship caliber offense. Their line is aging quite a bit after all, and the SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft says that Kelechi Osemale will be the man for the Lions.

23. Detroit Lions, Kelechi Osemele, OG/OT, Iowa State

The Lions have some age on their offensive line that they need to start accounting for. Osemele can help on the inside, or he can step in for Jeff Backus, a 34-year old free agent. They have the offensive talent at the skill positions. Now, it's time to make a championship line.

The Lions do indeed have an elite signal caller in Matt Stafford, a decent running game and a pretty darn good defense to boot, so the offensive line is one of the final areas that they can fill a need for in this draft, especially in a pick slot where it's likely that most of the truly elite talent is going to be off the board. Unless they trade up, an O-lineman isn't going to make anyone shake their heads.

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