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Lions Interviewing Running Backs In Case Jahvid Best's Concussion Problems End His Career

Earlier this month, we heard straight from the horse's mouth that Jahvid Best expects to return in 2012. That doesn't mean the Lions are not preparing for the worst by looking at other running backs. According to Anwar Richardson at MLIVE, the Lions interviewed Boise State running back Doug Martin amongst others at the Senior Bowl:

The Lions interviewed Washington running back Chris Polk, Ohio State running back Daniel Herron and Martin during this week's Senior Bowl in Mobile. Detroit running back Jahvid Best is still recovering from a series of concussions and many within the organization are concerned if he will play football again.

That last line has led Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk to put the pressure on Best by running with it as a stand alone report that suggests Best's career is possibly over. Of course, it could very well be true -- Best may think (or hope) he'll be back, but concussion problems are no small matter to overcome. The Lions may or may not be doing their due diligence, but we'll likely find out during the draft how confident the team is in Best returning healthy.

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