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NFL Power Rankings Final: ESPN Drops Lions To No. 8

The Detroit Lions finished their season in a disappointing way, but are in the playoffs regardless and have bigger and better things to worry about. They did perform well against the Green Bay Packers, but losing, once again, to a team that they have a chance to be matched up with in the playoffs is not a good sign. In the weekly power rankings, they're either holding in place or falling after not being able to stop Matt Flynn, the backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers.

ESPN has the Lions falling one spot in their weekly power rankings:

8. Matthew Stafford has to be Comeback Player of the Year with a 5,038-yard season. (Clayton)

As Clayton always does, he's neglected to say anything about why they're ranked where they are, but you take the bad with the good. The Lions are dropping due to the reasons above - they weren't able to stop a backup quarterback, leading a team they've now lost to twice this season and can play a third time en route to a potential Super Bowl berth. The rankings reflect that beating one of these teams after losing to them is ... not likely.