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NFL Draft 2012: Walterfootball Mocks Mike Adams To Lions

The Detroit Lions continue to be the recipient of all sorts of different prospects down at the 23rd overall pick, as to be expected. The Andrew Lucks and Matt Kalils are all off the board so it's really a dance between the best player available and a position of need at this point. Walterfootball's latest mock draft released Wednesday has the Lions selecting an offensive lineman once again, but instead of a center the Lions will be fixing the gaping hole at left tackle with Ohio State tackle Mike Adams.

Detroit finally lands a left tackle! No, I'm not forcing one to the front office. Mike Adams just happens to be the top consensus player available in the wake of his prolific Senior Bowl performance. He completely shut down Quinton Coples in the game.

The Lions have needed left tackle help for years. They'll now be forced into making a move for one because Jeff Backus will be a free agent in March.

Jeff Backus could certainly stand to be replaced if the Lions are to not only continue to contend but perhaps win a Super Bowl in the near future with their revamped team that made the playoffs this year. This pick naturally fits in that regard.

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