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Quarterback Shaun Hill Will Likely Return To Back Up Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford finally cemented that he's the quarterback of the future for the Detroit Lions this season during a 5,000 yard passing campaign, but as the Chicago Bears learned this season, every star quarterback needs a dependable backup behind him. Chicago didn't have one and it cost a 7-3 team a shot at the playoffs. The Lions have a good looking veteran backup in Shaun Hill, and it appears both sides want to work out a deal to bring Hill, a free agent, back to Detroit on another contract.

From the Detroit Free-Press:

The Lions have told Hill, his representatives and others that they want him back as the primary backup to Matthew Stafford. Hill also wants to return to Detroit -- and might even take a slight discount to do so.

The 32-year old Hill made 10 starts in 2010 when Stafford missed the majority of the season with a shoulder injury. Hill made only two appearances for Detroit this past season.

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