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NFL Draft 2012: Will The Lions Draft A Backup Quarterback?

It's becoming fairly clear that with the first pick that the Detroit Lions hold in the NFL draft, they're very likely to bolster their offensive line or perhaps pick up a cornerback to boost their secondary. After that, it's pretty likely that the Lions will just go with the best player available, the strategy that most teams use after the first round when the talent pool starts to level out a bit.

There's a position that not many people are talking about though for the second or third round, the quarterback position. It's pretty clear that Matthew Stafford has a stranglehold on the starting QB position for the Lions and probably will for the next decade, but it's easy to forget that he spent the first few years of his career battling injury after injury with only last year providing a glimpse of what a healthy Stafford can do.

RantSports on Monday threw out the idea that the Lions could go for a backup QB in the draft simply so they don't experience the same thing that the Chicago Bears did in 2011, having a talented team go down when their QB goes down because of a sub-par back up.

Currently the Lions backup is Shaun Hill, who has actually made a decent career out of being a pretty good backup QB. It's not certain he will be with the team in 2012 with his unrestricted free agent status, so perhaps there might be some weight to the QB in the draft argument after all. It's easy to forget how easily Stafford seemed to be injured in years past before finally escaping the wrath of the injury bug last season.

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