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Lions Free Agency 2012: Cliff Avril, Other Home-Grown Talent Priority For GM Martin Mayhew

The Detroit Lions may not be big players for high-price free agents like defensive end Mario Williams or running back Matt Forte if they become available, but general manager Martin Mayhew said Thursday they do plan on being active during the offseason, mainly with their own free agents.

"For us, this year, we don't anticipate being in the top part of free agency market, but we do plan on being active and trying to find value there," Mayhew said in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio. "We want to get our own guys back. Our left tackle is a free agent, our starting cornerback is a free agent, our mike linebacker -- the quarterback of our defense -- is a free agent, and obviously Cliff Avril can be free also. Our goal is to get those guys back then look around and see if we can get some value out there in the market."

Currently, Mayhew is in Indianapolis for the NFL Draft Combine, a place where Detroit found All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who's another player that Mayhew would like to spend money on.

"Calvin has still got a year left on his deal. It would be great to get something done with him as well. Both those guys we plan on having around."

Mayhew said he'd like to make sure that Avril gets a long-term deal done too.

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