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Detroit Lions Raise Ticket Prices, But Still Keep Them Reasonable

The Detroit Lions had a pretty solid season this past year, advancing to the NFL Playoffs while putting on quite a few solid offensive performances through their 17 games played. Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford will probably continue hooking up over the course of the next few years, too ... but it'll come with a caveat to the Lions season ticket holders.

Considering the team is improving and getting more exciting, the business office has decided to raise ticket prices. It's the first time in five seasons, however, and the average price remains below the majority of NFL teams so it isn't all bad.

"In order to stay competitive in the league, we need to be able to invest right back in the product and that's exactly where these dollars will go," Lions president Tom Lewand said in the release. "Thankfully we have an ownership that allows us to charge below-average prices and provide, hopefully, a well-above average product."

The Lions were one of only three teams not to raise their ticket prices over the past three years, according to the team's release, meaning this is probably not going to receive a lot of backlash as the long team continues to play competitive football.

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