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Super Bowl Prop Bets That Are Completely Made Up

Prop bets are fun, but making them up is even more fun.

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Every year when the Lions aren't in the Super Bowl (every year), I like to take in the Big Game by snacking on anything bacon, drinking only the finest liquid courage, and partaking in some gentlemanly bad decisions. Aside from the occasional game of squares or the game itself some years, prop bets is usually my hazard of choice.

For Super Bowl XLVI, there are some absurd prop bets that you can actually bet on. Like, how many tweets self-proclaimed Twitter Sheriff Darren Rovell is going to pump out today. (The over/under on that is set at 149.5, which is an easy under pick -- Rovell supposedly has 55 pre-loaded tweets and hopes to get to 120.) Other weird prop verities have to do with Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning mentions, the national anthem, and Tom Brady's scruff. (Okay, that last one is not true.) Business Insider has some of the other bizarre props and the dot com has 25 others here.

I usually like to stick with the coin toss and the football game -- crazy, I know -- but this year I'm willing to go outside the box a little bit. I took to Sheriff Rovell's Twitter and asked followers for some of their craziest, completely untrue prop bets for today's game. Here are some of the responses I got, with some I've made up at the end.

1. Michiganlions wants to know how high a Gronkowski post-touchdown spike will bounce. Let's set the over/under at five-feet. Ordinarily, I'd say that'd be pretty hard to quantify, but with all the different camera angles, it shouldn't be too hard.

2. AntKrajewski wants to know something about Gronkowski's girlfriend and her clothing. I have NO IDEA what he's talking about.

3. FightNightatJoe wonders if there will be a streaker during the game. I'd say efforts to streak are probably higher than ever, but so is the lockdown. I'll say no.

4. Wezen_ball has set the over/under on douchey Sheriff Rovell tweets at 7.5. If that were a real bet, you bet the house, wife, and kids.

5. Mr_Mike_C sets the over/under for the number of times the broadcast stops to admire the dreaminess of Tom Brady at 5. Admiring his jawline alone is an easy OVER pick.

6. Mr_Mike_C also sets Peyton Manning mentions at an unreasonable -13 over Eli Manning. If you take out the times NBC mentions Eli every time he takes a snap, this could be a pretty competitive prop.

7. Rob Rogacki is putting the Eli/Peyton #ManningFace over/under at 10. Dubious prop! Does every shot of a Manning constitute a #ManningFace?

8. Cooper Manning mentions set at 1. I'll take a push.

9. I'll set the Cris Collinsworth "uhhhh" or "ahhhhh" prefaces at 23. I'll take the OVER, too.

10. Will Al Michaels say the word "miracle"?

11. The real props have Gisele and Robert Kraft sightings, but what about celebrities being fed popcorn sightings? I guess last year's was a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing.

12. Puppy Bowl references. Everyone loves puppies, but I'd set this at a low 2 and may go UNDER. No respect for the puppies. Now, if we're talking dog commercials ...

13. Kyle Stuef says 13 and a hook for the over/under shots of the Manning family skybox.

14. Will Kelly Clarkson be shown after the national anthem eating a hot dog? O/U set at 2.

15. Chad Ochocinco using a prop (not including the Lombardi) during any celebration. Yes.

16. Mid-game Zoltan Mesko photoshops. There could never be too many.

17. Detroit Lions references, too.

Leave any others in the comments...

My Super Bowl pick: Patriots 34, Giants 24