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Super Bowl Winners: Where Do Eli Manning's Giants Rank All Time?

Eli Manning has now led his New York Giants to two Super Bowl wins since being picked up from the San Diego Chargers after being drafted in 2004. The Giants team in 2012 may have only had nine wins but it was a team that featured a fantastically built defensive corps, a rumbling running game and a quarterback who after winning his second MVP award has to now be in consideration for one of the better QB's of all time.

Of course, the fact that the G-Men have twice now defeated a team with both a coach and quarterback in consideration for the greatest of all time can't hurt their standings in the all time lore of the Super Bowl's history.

Compared to all of the former Super Bowl champions, where do you think that Eli Manning's Giants teams rank in the all time history? Are they better than the Elway-led Denver Broncos teams of the late 90's? The Bradshaw led teams of the 70's? Are the 2012 World Champions the best of the four Giants teams to have won the Super Bowl?

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