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NFL Mock Draft 2012: SB Nation Mocks Cordy Glenn To Lions

Georgia guard Cordy Glenn appears to be a favorite name for draftniks lately when discussions pop up of the Detroit Lions and their 23rd overall pick in the draft. The new SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out and once again Glenn's name was linked to the Lions.

There's plenty of movement up at the top of the draft featuring fun trades and the like, but Detroit gets none of the fun being down at 23. Just, once again, a solid replacement for Jeff Backus, which seems to be a running theme with the Lions picks. Replacing the more ineffective, older and free agents in the offensive line should be one of the top priorities for Detroit during the offseason and Glenn can play both guard and perhaps even right tackle in the NFL.

Glenn might be best suited to play inside. At the Senior Bowl, Glenn got moved to the blindside by the NFL coaching staff, and he did not disappoint. He has the natural balance and agility to move with defenders on the outside. Even a little rough around the edges, he would be solid replacement for free agent Jeff Backus.

Keep your eye on Glenn alongside guys like Peter Konz, they'll likely be the names you hear over and over again as the drafts start to get more settled with the draft order in place thanks to the Super Bowl finally being finished.

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