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NFL Free Agency 2012: Stephen Tulloch Ready To Hit The Market But Willing To Return To Detroit

The NFL Free Agent Period is set to start at 4 p.m. ET Tuesday, and there are several Detroit Lions players that are set to become unrestricted free agents. One of those players is linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who spoke with SiriusXM NFL radio hours before the deadline and said he's ready to test the market but is willing to return to Detroit if the situation is right.

"I’ll definitely look into it, man," Tulloch said. "I’ll definitely look into it. Like I said, the fans there have been great. The city’s awesome. It’s a football town, and they love their sports. They’ve been nothing but good to me since I’ve been there, and I definitely appreciate that.

"Like I said, we’ll find out come tomorrow if those plans still are there for me to head back to Detroit, but wherever it is, I’ll be looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to continue to play football and the game that I love."

Last summer, Tulloch signed a one-year contract with the Lions after spending the previous five years with the Tennessee Titans, the team which drafted him in 2005. Tulloch is looking for a long-term deal and probably could get it from other teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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