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2012 NFL Draft: Lions Host Ohio State Tackle Mike Adams

The Detroit Lions are still a bit of an enigma going toward the NFL draft when it comes to who they'll be picking with their 23rd overall selection, but the most popular guesses in mock drafts and the like seem to be offensive linemen and secondary players. The Lions invited one of the former to their practice faculty on Wednesday, Ohio State left tackle Mike Adams.

Adams is considered the second best tackle in the country behind Matt Kalil, who is likely to be picked up by the Minnesota Vikings at the third overall spot, by the National Football Post and the fifth best by ESPN. The Lions might need help at left tackle with 34 year old Jeff Backus' future not certain, so Adams will likely continue to be a popular selection in mock drafts everywhere.

Now, at least, we know that he's seen what the Lions have to offer if they do pick him up at 23rd overall.

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