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Lions Free Agency: Marcus McNeill Would Love To Play In Detroit, Depending On Jeff Backus

The Detroit Lions continue to prepare for life without Jeff Backus, if they are indeed forced to consider life without the 34-year old offensive tackle. On Friday, the Lions had free agent tackle Marcus McNeill in for a visit as a potential backup plan. McNeill told the Detroit Free Press that he would love to be a Lion, but that all depends on whether or not Backus returns.

Of course, they have Jeff Backus, and he's been a great pro for many years for them here. Of course I have issues, and it is a business here, so if they're going to part ways, I would love to come play left tackle for Detroit. But it is a business, so you have to wait for them to make decisions first, and I'm pretty sure they have a lot more commitments and time put in already with Jeff, so he'll probably be their first priority.

Detroit is still in negotiations with Backus, who is recovering from a torn biceps.

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