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Lions Free Agency 2012: Team Re-Signs Long Snapper Don Muhlbach

The Detroit Lions have made the signing of the 2012 free agency period. When it's looked back on in years to come, this crop of players will be defined by the one signing ... or probably not. Tim Twentyman is reporting that the Detroit Lions have re-signed Don Muhlbach to a one-year deal. He's a long snapper, and a very good one at that.

No terms have been released but one can imagine it's in line with every other long snapper signing. It's true that they are definitely unsung signings, especially due to the fact that you never hear their name if they're doing their job flawlessly. If you know a lot about a long snapper, he's either fun with the media or he plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

At any rate - good signing for Detroit. He's been there for eight years - his entire career - and given how long snappers generally are, could have many more one-year deals in his future, providing you don't hear his name called during the 2012 season.

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