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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Lions Taking Janoris Jenkins In Don Banks Mock

With the 2012 NFL free agency period slowing to a crawl, it's time to shift the focus back to the NFL Draft. It's been awhile since we've taken a look at various mock drafts and how they're shaping up - and that's because their makeup has been changing as teams make new signings and things of that nature. For the Detroit Lions, they've had a solid free agency period but have one area that's of particular need.

That area is the cornerback position. Eric Wright ended up going elsewhere and it was already a position of weakness in 2011. Now that they're picking near the back-end of the first round, it will be harder to get some sure-fire talent, but it's likely they're really looking at the position for the No. 23 pick in the draft.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated posted his latest mock draft, and he echoes the sentiments for the Lions needing a CB, going with Janoris Jenkins from North Alabama:

My gut tells me Jim Schwartz believes he now has enough capital in the bank and enough of a handle on his locker room to take a chance on Jenkins, who comes with as many red flags as anyone in consideration for a first-round selection. It's worth remembering Schwartz once coached Pacman Jones in Tennessee, and believed in him before things spiraled out of control in Nashville. The Lions' need at cornerback is obvious after the loss of Eric Wright in free agency.

Schwartz is certainly a strong coach who seems capable of handling any player on the roster, though he's dealt more with guys who do dumb things on the field at times, like Ndamukong Suh, as opposed to guys off the field. Still, Jenkins has plenty of talent, and without the red flags, likely wouldn't be around at the No. 23 pick in this draft.

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