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2012 NFL Draft Order: List Of Lions' Picks

The NFL has awarded all of the compensatory draft picks for the 2012 Draft, which means the draft order is officially complete. Compensatory picks only affect rounds 3 through 7.

The Detroit Lions received no compensatory picks, but they do still have seven picks:

  • Round 1 - 23rd, 23rd overall
  • Round 2 - 22nd, 54th overall
  • Round 3 - 23rd, 85th overall
  • Round 4 - 22nd, 117th overall
  • Round 5 - 23rd, 158th overall
  • Round 6 - 22nd (forfeited)
  • Round 7 (from Seattle) - 12th, 219th overall
  • Round 7 - 23rd, 230th overall

The sixth-round pick was forfeited because of tampering charges, while the additional seventh-rounder came in a trade with Seattle.

Here is more on Detroit's draft, and here is an article with a complete list of all NFL Draft picks, including compensatory picks.

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