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Lions Have $4.5 Million Remaining In Cap Space For 2012

The Detroit Lions have been low-key regarding their approach to free agency, with the only real splashes this offseason coming in regards to re-signing their own players, like wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Still, the team has made signings here and there - bringing back Kevin Smith to help the running back position and signing some high-potential folks, most notably Everette Brown.

That being said, the Lions aren't likely to make many more moves. You might ask why that's the case, and look no further than the salary cap. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network posted an updated look at every team's salary cap situation on Friday:

Detroit Lions
Current contracts: 47
Previous year carryover: $1,364,071.00
Adjustments: $2,802,484.00
Adjusted cap: $124,766,555.00
Team cap: $120,246,822.00
Cap room: $4,519,733.00
Team cash: $117,573,300.00

With a little over $4.5 million in cap room available, the Lions are essentially where they need to be, so they can get all of their 2012 draftees under contract. Of course, some players will be cut and some may even get new deals, but at this point, the Lions have just enough to make sure they get the rookies signed up - thanks to the rookie wage scale in the new collective bargaining agreement.

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