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2012 NFL Draft: RB Derrick Coleman And CB Isaiah Frey Visit Lions

The Detroit Lions hosted former UCLA running back Derrick Coleman and Nevada cornerback Isaiah Frey Monday on a pre-draft visit, according to Lions reporter Tim Twentyman.

Coleman ran for 725 yards and 11 touchdowns last season at UCLA. He is projected as a late-round draft pick or a undrafted free agent pick up, but his stock is likely pulled down because of his severe hearing limitations. Coleman, however, thinks he has benefitted from his hearing trouble. Via Twentyman:

"I don’t have to focus a little more. I have to focus a lot more," Coleman said. "It’s a huge advantage to me. Almost 80 percent of the time I already know what the quarterback is going to audible to because I have to get with them before because I might not be able to hear the call at the least second. I already know if it’s this play he’s going to change it to either this or this and I have to know why.

"In order to do that, I spend more time with the offensive line and the quarterbacks just to make sure we’re all on the same page."

Frey, a three-year starter at Nevada, is projected as a late-round pick up. As a senior, Frey had five interceptions and 16 pass break ups. Frey doesn't care where he lands in the draft order, or if he is even drafted:

"When you get into camp it doesn’t matter if you were drafted in this round or picked up as a free agent," he said. "You can either play or you can’t play. I just want to show them that I can play."

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