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Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote: Calvin Johnson Advances To The Finals, Will Face Cam Newton

The Madden NFL 13 cover vote has now been narrowed down to just two players. Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson advanced to the finals after putting up 67 percent on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the semifinals. Now, he'll be up against Cam Newton in the finals to decide who will grace the cover of EA Sports' latest game in the legendary football franchise.

Johnson's path to the finals has went through Dwayne Bowe, who only managed to grab nine percent of the vote, Arian Foster of the Houston Texans (27 percent of the vote) and, in the match that got him to the semifinals, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, who only grabbed 37 percent of the vote. That is a little more impressive than besting Rodgers, given how "Gronk" has blown up in the media.

But the fans have spoken either way, and "Megatron" will take on Newton, who just barely scraped by in his latest match, getting 53 percent on Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. That can't bode well for Newton, as defensive players are traditionally weaker in just about all kinds of fan voting, and Johnson looks very strong right now.

Either way, as of Wednesday, the voting in the finals is going on and will run through April 25 - so go cast your vote here.

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