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Mikel Leshoure First Charged With Marijuana Possession In February

Mikel Leshoure is set for a walk-in arraignment on Monday, as previously reported. Now, there's some more information regarding the charge, which is possession of marijuana -- his second offense -- courtesy of As it turns out, it's his second offense less-than a month apart from his first offense (though he's not quite on par with Ryan Leaf just yet).

Leshoure was cited in Berrien County on March 12 for this second offense, less-than a month after the first, when he was stopped in Benton Township on Feb. 18. He plead guilty on March 1 and paid a fine of $485. Due to how close together these charges are, it's possible that Leshoure gets a less-favorable result than his first charge, but it's still not likely to be anything huge, though the Lions have yet to comment on the situation.

For some details of a different kind, look no further than Dave Brikett on Twitter, who notes just what happened when Leshoure was pulled over and cited on March 12:

That's right -- Leshoure tried to eat all of the marijuana he had on him, though it's unknown as of now just how much that is. He certainly isn't the first and won't be the last person to try and do that, but it's always worth noting when someone does something like that.

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