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2012 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Gives Lions Janoris Jenkins Again

We're starting to reach a consensus on the Detroit Lions, three days out from the 2012 NFL Draft. They're going to take a defensive back, if you believe the overwhelming majority. That's definitely likely, given the fact that Eric Wright signed elsewhere as a free agent this offseason and outside of him, there wasn't much left either way. Really, the Lions' secondary is easily their biggest weakness.

Which is why SB Nation is sticking with their pick in their latest mock draft by giving them cornerback Janoris Jenkins:

The Lions are willing to take character risks and they do here with Jenkins, who has top 10 talent.

That definitely makes sense picking at No. 23, as well. If the Lions are going to employ a "best player available" strategy, it's hard to argue against Jenkins in that vein. He's definitely a top-ten talent kind of guy, it just all depends on how teams are going to look at him from a character standpoint. If Jenkins is still on the board, the Lions could decide that they can handle his issues and work them out.

If they did that, their secondary would be vastly improved. They've got a couple of good safeties to work with, but the cornerback position is a ghost town. Jenkins certainly has bust potential, but the boom aspect of that equation is definitely there.

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