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2012 NFL Draft: One Report Says Lions Need 'Character' Players, Others Say They're Targeting Players With Pot Pasts

Yahoo Sports ran an article Tuesday declaring that the Detroit Lion must be on the hunt for players with good character when the NFL Draft begins later this week.

Speaking of the Lions' top two picks in 2011, Nick Fairley and Mikel Leshoure, the article read:

They were both busted recently for marijuana possession. Now, if the Lions know any better, taking into account a player's character should be of the highest priority.


This redundant theme of character becomes more interesting, though, when looking at who mock drafters think the Lions are after.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films and thinks the Lions will draft Ohio State product Mike Adams. Adams, of course, was part of the OSU tattoo and merchandise scandal in 2010, and his rap sheet grew yet again when he tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine in February.

Meanwhile, SB Nation predicts that the Lions will draft Janoris Jenkins, a former Florida Gator who landed at North Alabama after he was busted, twice, with marijuana in 2011.

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