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2012 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Mock Gives Lions Doug Martin

One day out from the 2012 NFL Draft and the mocks are pouring in like never before. Every draft expert on the planet has unveiled his or her final mock (for day one that is, as there will surely be all manner of day two mocks on Friday morning), and for the Detroit Lions, it's mainly par the course. They're taking a cornerback or they're taking an offensive lineman, and there's not many dissenting opinions.

Well, ESPN's Mel Kiper ("the" draft expert) released his Mock Draft 5.0 and he's got the Lions taking someone a little different: running back Doug Martin:

The Lions went with a running back last year when we were sure they'd go after an offensive lineman or corner. I think they could trade down if they don't see the value they want here in the secondary, but this is a team that really needs a complete back, and Martin is the best one in the draft after Richardson. If Mikel Leshoure isn't back at 100 percent -- a legit question -- the Lions are back where they were last year in Week 1.

It's not an unheard of opinion at this point, but it is a bit different from the norm and thus worth mentioning. Martin is a strong running back that could fall far past Detroit if they don't draft him, given the general lack of need at the running back position around the NFL. Detroit isn't one of those teams though, with a questionable Mikel Leshoure and a questionable Jahvid Best making recoveries.

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