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NFL Draft Rumors: Lions Trying To Trade Up, Open To Moving Down

The Detroit Lions hold the 23rd overall selection in the first round of the NFL Draft, which starts Thursday night. There's a plethora of players that they have been linked with at that spot in the draft, mostly need-filling players as well that far down into the first round.

Of course, there's always a chance that the Lions can trade their pick away if the right deal comes up and Adam Schefter announced on twitter that they might just be in the mood to do that. Schefter's tweet includes a bunch of teams that might want to trade their pick around, Detroit among them.

Teams open to trading back for the right offer include Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, NY Jets, Detroit.

There's not too many big moves that Detroit could probably make with the 23rd overall selection, but if the right deal comes up they could potentially end up with a guy they really like rather than just one they're merely OK with down there.

Jason LaCanfora reported on twitter that the Lions are looking to move up, potentially in order to get CB Stephon Gilmore who will most likely be off the board at the point when Detroit is picking.

Lions are legitimately pursuing options to trade up. Corner Stephon Gilmore is a player they really like.

The rumors are just going to keep flying as the hours tick down to the draft and the Lions either make a move or make their selection.

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