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State Of Michigan Undrafted Free Agents: Multiple Players Sign With NFL Teams After Draft

The colleges from the state of Michigan did not produce a shortage of drafted players, and several more are hoping to become diamonds in the rough by working their way through the free agent market. The following players played their college football in the state of Michigan and were able to sign with an NFL team during the free agency period following the Draft:

Michigan St. Spartans:

Brian Linthicum - Signed with the New York Jets

Garrett Celek - Signed with the San Francisco 49ers

Todd Anderson - Signed with the St. Louis Rams

Western Michigan Broncos:

Anthony Parker - Signed with the New York Jets

Drew Nowak - Signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Michigan Wolverines:

Troy Woolfolk - Signed with the Dallas Cowboys

Michael Shaw - Signed with the Washington Redskins

Brandon Herron - Signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ryan van Bergen - Signed with the Carolina Panthers

Michigan Tech:

Drew Vanderlin - Signed with the Green Bay Packers

Wayne State:

Joe Long - Signed with the St. Louis Rams