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Calvin Johnson Advances To Elite Eight In Madden '13 Cover Vote

If you want Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson to be a subject of the Madden Curse, then you're doing a good job; he has now advanced to the Elite Eight of the Madden '13 cover vote on ESPN and will take on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for the right to play the winner of Aaron Rodgers and Ray Rice in the Final Four.


If you want to take part in the voting, head over to ESPN here and, if you believe in the curse, vote for Rob Gronkowski. If you don't believe in that silliness, vote for Calvin Johnson to see the Lions get some Madden cover love for the first time since Barry Sanders, arguably the one who started said curse.


So far, Johnson has defeated Dwayne Bowe and Arian Foster. The polls for third round action will be open from April 4 until April 11.


Yo soy fiesta.