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2012 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Taking Offensive Tackle Mike Adams In One Mock

The Detroit Lions are picking closer to the back-end of the first round than they're used to. While this is a good thing for the team because it means they had a strong 2010, it's bad for those who put together mock drafts for a living. It's bad because it's really hard to get a good feeling for where a team is going to go after another 20 teams have picked in front of them. Then again, maybe that's a good thing for them - as people will read the differing opinions more.

That being said, folks have narrowed down the Lions to a couple choice picks. Most are of the opinion that the Lions will try and strengthen their secondary, with nobody to speak of at the cornerback position (figurative). That's not the opinion of Wes Bunting of the National Football Post, though:

23. Detroit Lions: Ohio State OT Mike Adams
As long as quarterback Matthew Stafford is healthy the offense is going to score points. Therefore, bringing in an athlete capable of protecting his blind side is becoming a major need in Detroit.

Bunting's opinion isn't exactly a dissenting one, as offensive tackle is also mocked to the Lions pretty highly. And it makes sense, considering Stafford was, at one point, marked as "injury prone." When he's healthy, he's on fire and the Lions were almost able to keep up with the New Orleans Saints. A strong tackle is needed, and barring one of the top cornerbacks, it does seem like the best place to get one.

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