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Nick Fairley Not Arraigned After All (UPDATED)

UPDATE: It turns out the original report about Fairley having his arraignment adjourned was correct. A plea was not entered, and Fairley has a court date set for July 31.


There were reports earlier on Monday that Detroit Lions defensive linemen Nick Fairley was having his arraignment postponed to give his lawyers some more time to review his case. Fairley's case entails an arrest for marijuana possession. As it turns out, those earlier reports were wrong - or rather, the prosecutor who provided the information for said reports was wrong.

Dave Birkett took to Twitter to clear things up, as Fairley was indeed arraigned Monday morning:

The NFL program in question is the NFL's substance abuse program. It's unclear as of now if Fairley will get any punishment from the league. The NFL generally waits these things out to see what kind of punishment, if any, comes from the government before making a decision. The first step of the program means that Fairley can now be subjected to random testing by the league.

Birkett also followed up with Fairley's next court date - July 31 - which puts him in court a few days into the Lions' training camp.

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