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Matthew Stafford's Charitable Gesture

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is a pretty great guy, if you didn't know it. His on the field heroics are one thing, but he's doing an awful lot of good off the field. So good in fact that, as a former Georgia player, he's attending charity events widely populated by University of Michigan Players. But it's not simply attending the event that's noteworthy, it's what he did.


Stafford donated some Monday Night Football tickets to a charity auction to benefit the U-M children's hospital, and spent some time there during the Griese-Hutchinson-Woodson fundraiser. He spent some time with Faith Falzone, who is having surgery this week, and her brother, Will. Stafford engaged the family his entire time there and, in the end, was moved by their story.


So he bid on his own auction. According to the Detroit News, Stafford bid on his own auction, and won it for $15,000, and then donated the package - which includes six tickets, two of which were donated by Mike Tirico - to Will and his family. A grand gesture, to be sure, and entirely well-received, especially if you read this blog post from Will's mother. So yes, as stated: a pretty great guy.